Ancient Greek Technology

One fundamental aspect of life in ancient Greece, although far less familiar than its gods and myths, its philosophy and even its military history, is technology. A civilisation, however, cannot possibly be approached without some understanding of the basic social phenomena that underlie it, and these of course include its economy and its technology. The technology of the ancient Greek world is a subject that has apparently never caught the full interest of our scholars, nor has it any place in the ancient Greek history taught in our schools. It is, in fact, so conspicuous by its absence that one cannot wonder at the recurring myth that "the ancient Greeks were hostile to technology!".

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About the Project

The portal of the Ancient Greek Science and Technology is essentially a long journey time from the Prehistorical times until Meta-Byzantine years.

The aim is to present developments in technology, streamlining and achievements that radically changed the lives of people at all levels: in production, consumption of food, clothing, the living conditions, science and culture.

Art, politics, myths, traditions, attitudes and perceptions presented with a novel way through replicas of ancient inventions construction of which have been edited associates scientists and researchers affiliated with the Centre.

The portal aims to highlight the contributions of ancient Greek civilization in the fields of Natural Sciences and Technology.