Educational programs – High School

Space quiz – at the Planetarium

Students take part in a live interactive presentation held at the Planetarium, use their mobile phones and take part in a quiz, which, through short explanatory videos shown on the dome, takes them from Earth to the universe. The short dome film that follows, during a fascinating journey, takes students from our planet to the limits of the hitherto observable universe and back to Earth.
For high school students. Duration: 60΄.
Use of mobile phones by students.

Colonization on Mars – challenges and solutions

The plan of man to colonize Mars is a total effort, with many challenges. Students, working in groups on specific missions, are faced with situations and challenges related to real situations faced by the scientists, experts and astronauts involved in this project. Groups of students use tablets and are guided by an android application. Each mission places them in a specific space, time and role, while the actions they have to perform and the means they have to use to complete them practice their various skills.
Aimed at High School and Lyceum students.
Duration: 90΄.

Tinkering – I make and learn

It is an innovative approach to learning, which involves the creation of physical objects, using a variety of tools, materials, ideas and methods. The design of the activity, the materials and the way of the facility create a learning experience with a high degree of involvement on the part of the students, with a variety of results. The student through a targeted constructive approach is encouraged to work on a project, an idea or a personal goal, depending on his interests and personal motivations. In this way, skills of the 21st century are cultivated. such as creativity, problem solving ability, perseverance etc. Tinkering activities move across interdisciplinary areas as they refer to subjects such as physics, mathematics, art, engineering and technology.
It is addressed to students of Elementary School up to DG High School.
Duration: 90΄.

Look for it, find it, solve it

STEM based game that promotes combinatorial and logical thinking, observation and collaboration. An alternative and interactive educational program in the models of an indoor escape game with data collection, puzzle solving and knowledge quiz. Students are invited to take part in an adventure with a guided character with the ultimate goal of leaving the room, offering them a sense of satisfaction and achieving the goal.
Aimed at High School and Lyceum students.
Duration: 70΄.

Science show – Magnets and currents

Strange light bulbs, unexpected batteries, spinning wires, noises and flashes! Starring magnets and electricity and a set of impressive and fun experiments we know electricity and magnetism and become familiar with their interaction.
Aimed at High School and Lyceum students.
Duration: 30΄.