Educational programs – Primary School

Space mission: Night Sky – At the Planetarium

A lively tour of the night sky and its secrets, between the constellations and the ancient myths, born from the inexhaustible imagination of people. A long walk to get to know the Earth, the Moon and our solar system.
From 4 years up to DG Elementary.
Duration: 40΄.

Space Mission 301 – At the Planetarium

Life on Earth appeared billions of years ago and evolved so that people today are looking for other life forms beyond our planet. In our journey we will learn about the conditions that allowed life to appear and exist until today on Earth. We will travel to the nearby planet Mars and the icy moons of Jupiter and Saturn to look for the possibility that they hide some primitive life forms. We will learn that astronomers are searching among the billions of stars in our galaxy to find Earth’s twin sister, and we will wonder if in some of these worlds intelligent beings like us gaze at the vastness of the universe and wonder: “Are we alone in the universe?” .
From 4th grade to 6th grade. Duration: 40΄.

Tinkering – I make and learn

It is an innovative approach to learning, which involves the creation of physical objects, using a variety of tools, materials, ideas and methods. The design of the activity, the materials and the way of the facility create a learning experience with a high degree of involvement on the part of the students, with a variety of results. The student through a targeted constructive approach is encouraged to work on a project, an idea or a personal goal, depending on his interests and personal motivations. In this way, skills of the 21st century are cultivated. such as creativity, problem solving ability, perseverance etc. Tinkering activities move across interdisciplinary areas as they refer to subjects such as physics, mathematics, art, engineering and technology.
It is addressed to students of Elementary School up to DG High School.
Duration: 90΄.

Nanocosm – Introduction to Nanotechnology

Laboratory type educational program
The purpose of the program is to introduce students to nanotechnology and to recognize it as a science that aims to improve materials, products and processes for the benefit of man. Students are familiar with the concepts of nanoscale, nanocosm and nanostructures, as found in nature. Working in groups, they experiment with hydrophilic and hydrophobic natural materials. They study how the properties and characteristics of materials can be changed and improved through nano-processing, while they know new materials with wonderful properties.
Aimed at primary school students.
Duration: 60΄

Science show – The wheel of nature

What is it like to fall into quicksand? How can we play table tennis without the classic rackets? How are colored fireworks made? It is time to discover the four elements of nature and through impressive experiments to (rediscover) the characteristics and properties of air, water, earth and fire.

Aimed at primary school students.

Duration: 30΄.