Screenings – Kindergarden

Zolofylakes I.

Watch an exciting space chase and at the same time learn the secrets of weather on Earth and on other planets.

From 4 years until the first grades of elementary school.

Zoologists II

The Zoologists take action to save the Earth’s natural environment. During their adventure, our heroes learn about the creation and evolution of our planet and the life forms that inhabit it.

From 4 years until the first grades of elementary school.

The blind man who saw the stars

The blind, wise old man has much to learn about the sky, the stars, but also about life itself.

From 4 years until the first grades of elementary school.

Dream big – The wonders of engineering – 3D

From buildings touching the sky to underwater robots exploring the seabed, solar cars and “smart”, sustainable cities, the film “Dream big – The wonders of engineering” highlights the human intelligence behind the small and great miracles of technological advances and reveals the creativity and humanitarian feelings that push engineers to create better living conditions for their fellow human beings.

For all ages.

The Dinosaurs – Giants of Patagonia – 3D

The Dinosaurs, which ruled Patagonia billions of years ago, come to life before your eyes and take on a three-dimensional form on the giant screen of the Cosmotheatre.

For all ages.

Space mission: Night Sky

A lively tour of the night sky and its secrets, between the constellations and the ancient myths, born from the inexhaustible imagination of people. A long walk to get to know the Earth, the Moon and our solar system.

From 4 years up to DG Elementary. Duration: 40΄.

Science by Design

Educational program for the first visits of students to the Museum of Technology. Children are invited on a journey through time and space on the occasion of 5 or 6 objects of the Museum. Through the discussion they extract images from their experiences, their toys or their favorite cartoons and combine them with the selected objects of the Museum. Objects come to life in their imagination and reveal their function, their uses and their evolution over time. Next, they are asked to make an “object – toy” souvenir of their visit.

From 4 years up to 2nd grade.

Duration: 60΄.

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