Screenings – Primary School


The Earth’s climate
The position of the Earth in the solar system offers the right conditions for the development and evolution of life. These conditions, however, are not unchanged over time. Nowadays, human interventions in the environment have brought about a new climate change that forces to take drastic measures to deal with it. The film presents the factors that affect the climatic conditions of our planet.
From elementary school to adults.
Constellations and myths
A game of discovering the mysteries of heaven, in a dazzling landscape beyond all knowledge and imagination. Discover the magic of the night sky, through the myths of the constellations.
For Elementary and High School.
From Earth to the universe
A journey into celestial discoveries, from the theories of ancient Greek astronomers to state-of-the-art telescopes. Visit the solar system and the Sun, experience the birth and death of stars and travel even further, beyond the galaxy, to the vastness of the universe.
From 5th grade to adults.
Magic planet – cartoon
The story of little Mia who tries to protect the Earth and save the 4 seasons of the year from climate change.
From infants to elementary school.
The blind man who saw the stars
The blind, wise old man has a lot to learn about the sky, the stars, but also about life itself.
From Toddlers to the first grades of elementary school.


The great journey – 2D
The film shows how an astronomer sees the world and how he perceives science and its achievements. Enjoy stunning images of celestial bodies, planets, stars and learn how human knowledge of the universe was shaped over time.
For all ages.
Dream big – The wonders of engineering – 3D
From buildings touching the sky to underwater robots exploring the seabed, solar cars and “smart”, sustainable cities, the film “Dream big – The wonders of engineering” highlights the human intelligence behind the small and great miracles of technological advances and reveals the creativity and humanitarian feelings that push engineers to create better living conditions for their fellow human beings.
For all ages.
The Dinosaurs – Giants of Patagonia – 3D
The Dinosaurs, which ruled Patagonia billions of years ago, come to life before your eyes and take on a three-dimensional form on the giant screen of the Cosmotheatre.
For all ages.


Wear your 3D glasses, get on one of the three six-seater vehicles, which synchronize with the motion of the image, and travel the three-dimensional paths of adventure, then, now, then, to Earth and beyond.
For security reasons, children younger than the third grade and lower than 1.20 m. Are not allowed to enter the Simulator.
  • Catacombs
  • Moon Thunder
  • Great Wall
  • Aquaride
  • Magic carpet