ComputeRevolution – “The evolution of computers” – Exhibition at NOΕSIS

The Science Center and NOESIS Technology Museum in collaboration with the Retroclub team, organized this exhibition which concerns the historical evolution of computers and gaming machines. The exhibition was presented to the public in 2015, in the Periodical Exhibition Hall of NOESIS.

Have you used Spectrum or Commodore? Have you played with Atari or Nintendo? Or have you never heard of them? Come to NOESIS to remember the older ones and learn the younger ones.
Follow the timeline and get lost in the magical world of computers and gaming machines watching them evolve over the years.
Watch snapshots of the most popular video games and play in real arcades.
Remember ads from another era and browse issues of Pixel, PCMaster and User.
See the giant IBM 1620, the first computer that came to Northern Greece, the size of two rooms.

Click here to browse the exhibition virtually