Taming the light – Exhibition for photography at NOΕSIS

Exhibition on the historical and technological development of photography
Nikos Meletios Camera Collection

The Science Center and Museum of Technology NOΕSIS and the Association of Friends of the foundation, former Technical Museum of Thessaloniki, co-organized this exhibition which concerns the historical and technological development of photography. The exhibition was presented to the public in 2017, in the Periodical Exhibition Hall of NOΕSIS.

The main aspects of the history of photography are presented by the exhibition “Taming the light” which takes place on the occasion of the promotion of the “Meletios collection”. The collection includes 120 classic cameras and was donated to the Technical Museum of Thessaloniki in 1998 by the Cypriot architect Nikos Meletiou.

The report includes:
a) The history of photography with texts, images and characteristic exhibits from camera obscura to digital photography.
b) The technology of photography with texts, photographs, diagrams and exhibits.
c) Exhibits and projection of audiovisual material, which include a number of photographs of various categories, such as news, landscape, artistic, personal, scientific, etc.
d) The Meletios collection. The body of the collection is presented as it was organized in the exhibition hall of the Technical Museum, in Sindos, enriched with audiovisual material of the collector / donor.
e) Interactive exhibits to enhance the visitors’ experience and to be able to better approach visual phenomena or photography technologies.

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