New international distinction for NOESIS for the refugee accommodation program

NOESIS received a new international honorary distinction for the refugee program in the context of the connection of science and technology with society in the complex and critical conditions it currently faces.

The Roy L. Shafer Leading Edge Award is given to NOESIS by the largest and most important international organization of technology centers ASTC (Association of Science-Technology Centers), based in Washington, USA and includes as members its largest technology centers and museums of the world. The ASTC and the European Network of Science Centers and Museums (ECSITE), the European organization from which NOESIS was also recently awarded, are leaders in the international network of science centers and a mirror of current trends in education, technology, culture.

The award is given every year to two organizations, large and small depending on their financial size and other technical data, which provide excellent work in difficult and complex conditions and contribute to the formation of culture and consciousness in social, cultural and technological issues.

This important distinction in the field in which NOESIS operates, confirms the international recognition and recognition of the institution for the work it offers to the country and society.

This new recognition strengthens the presence of NOESIS internationally and makes it a valuable partner in international networks and collaborations.

In addition, the commitment of the institution for further development and progress is strengthened, with new ideas, actions and investments (October 2017).