Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between coming as a group and not as free visitors?
In case you visit NOESIS as a group and have made a reservation before your visit, on the one hand you have secured the places in the screenings you want and on the other hand you have an organized tour of the Museum of Technology instead of a free tour.

What is the daily schedule?
From Tuesday to Friday the program is configured according to group bookings, mainly school group.
NOESIS is closed every Monday.

What is the program on weekends?
For the schedule, screening hours and ticket prices valid on weekends click here.

What is the price list for group visits?
For the price list that applies to group visits click here.

Can we choose the exhibit we want to visit at the Museum of Technology?
For the Museum of Technology the ticket is single and concerns all 3 exhibition halls. When booking as a group, the tour lasts one hour and is guided by 20 minutes in each showroom.

Can I book the Simulator as a team?
The Simulator is the only action in which no reservations are made, due to the limited number of seats and the short duration of the screening. For the Simulator you are served in order of priority.

Is it possible to watch in other languages?
The films screened at the Planetarium and the Cosmotheatre are available via audio guide, with narration in English and possibly in other languages, depending on the film. As for the Museum of Technology, once you make an appointment as a group and you have an organized tour, you can state your wish during the booking process and make sure you have your tour in English.

Are there any programs that take place in schools?
There is the possibility of implementing workshops in the classroom of the school and they concern infants, primary and secondary school, provided that the invitation of the Association of Parents and Guardians of the school precedes.

What are the booking times?
For reservations you can call 2310 483 000, ext. 2, from Monday to Friday, hours 9.00 – 13.00.

How soon can I make a school group booking?
School group booking can be made for a date until the end of the school year.