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For our friends of Gymnasiums and Lyceums we have chosen movie screenings and educational programs that are suitable for their age. At the Museum of Technology, we have adapted the content of the tour to their own interests and possibilities!

Two small pieces of glass – The stunning invention of the telescope

Two young children meet an astronomer on a night sky observation night. As they observe celestial objects with the telescope, they learn about its history, function and types of telescopes, what we observe with them, how modern telescopes work and how this discovery changed our knowledge of the universe.

From BD Primary to adults.



For thousands of years we believed we were the center of the universe. Thanks to our curiosity, imagination and ingenuity, we now know that planets like Earth are not something special in the universe. Our Sun is one of the billions of stars in our galaxy. With the help of our most powerful telescopes, we can explore the universe more and more. There is a huge variety of different worlds out there waiting to be discovered.

From High School to adults.


Constellations and myths

A game of discovering the mysteries of heaven, in a dazzling landscape beyond all knowledge and imagination. Discover the magic of the night sky, through the myths of the constellations.

For Elementary and High School.


From Earth to the universe

A journey into celestial discoveries, from the theories of ancient Greek astronomers to state-of-the-art telescopes. Visit the solar system and the Sun, experience the birth and death of stars and travel even further, beyond the galaxy, to the vastness of the universe.

From 5th grade to adults.


Space Travel – 3D

The film presents the great achievements of the space shuttles and the bold pioneers who participated in them. Includes stunning Earth scenes and space work, such as the repair of the Hubble Space Telescope and the assembly of the International Space Station. These space programs taught us how to live, work and do research in space. As the International Space Station operates until at least 2024, the film shows us how we prepare for the next exciting steps in space. “Space Journey” will inspire the dreams of the new generation for new horizons in space and at the same time will make the older ones better appreciate what has been achieved so far.

From 5th grade to adults.


The Dinosaurs – Giants of Patagonia – 3D

The Dinosaurs, which ruled Patagonia billions of years ago, come to life before your eyes and take on a three-dimensional form on the giant screen of the Cosmotheatre.

For all ages.



Wear your 3D glasses, get on one of the three six-seater vehicles, which synchronize with the motion of the image, and travel the three-dimensional paths of adventure, then, now, then, to Earth and beyond.

For safety reasons, children below 1.20 m. Are not allowed to enter the Simulator.



Moon Thunder


Great Wall




Magic carpet

Colonization on Mars

The plan of man to colonize Mars is a total effort, with many challenges. Students, working in groups on specific missions, are faced with situations and challenges related to real situations faced by the scientists, experts and astronauts involved in this project. Groups of students use tablets and are guided by an android application. Each mission places them in a specific space, time and role, while the actions they have to take and the means they have to use to complete them exercise their various skills.

Aimed at High School and Lyceum students.

Duration: 90΄.


Tinkering – I make and learn

It is an innovative approach to learning, which involves the creation of physical objects, using a variety of tools, materials, ideas and methods. The design of the activity, the materials and the way of the facility create a learning experience with a high degree of involvement on the part of the students, with a variety of results. The student through a targeted constructive approach is encouraged to work on a project, an idea or a personal goal, depending on his interests and personal motivations. In this way, skills of the 21st century are cultivated. such as creativity, problem solving ability, perseverance etc. Tinkering activities move across interdisciplinary areas as they refer to subjects such as physics, mathematics, art, engineering and technology.

It is addressed to students of Elementary School up to DG High School.

Duration: 90΄.


Look for it, find it, solve it

STEM based game that promotes combinatorial and logical thinking, observation and collaboration. An alternative and interactive educational program in the models of an indoor escape game with data collection, puzzle solving and knowledge quiz. Students are invited to take part in an adventure with a guided character with the ultimate goal of leaving the room, offering them a sense of satisfaction and achievement.

Aimed at High School and Lyceum students.

Duration: 70΄.


Nanocosm – Introduction to Nanotechnology

Laboratory type educational program.

The purpose of the program is to introduce students to nanotechnology and to recognize it as a science that aims to improve materials, products and processes for the benefit of man. Students know the concepts of nanoscale, nanocosm and nanostructures, as found in nature. Working in groups, they experiment with hydrophilic and hydrophobic natural materials. They study how the properties and characteristics of materials can be changed and improved through nanoprocessing, while they know new materials with wonderful properties.

It is addressed to students of 5th grade up to 2nd grade of high school

Duration: 60΄


Science show
Magnets and currents

Strange light bulbs, unexpected batteries, spinning wires, noises and flashes! Starring magnets and electricity and a set of impressive and fun experiments we know electricity and magnetism and become familiar with their interaction.

Aimed at High School and Lyceum students.

Duration: 30΄.

Guided tour of the Museum of Technology

Ancient Greek Technology

Samples of technological achievements of ancient Greece are presented. The exhibits concern areas of daily life, construction, engineering and others, while highlighting the cultural context in which they appeared.

Transport Technology

Vehicles of historical, collectible and educational interest, from the 1920s to the recent past, mentally transport visitors to other eras, highlighting in a unique way the evolution of technology and car design.


The interactive and participatory exhibits at the Technopark encourage the engagement with technology, gradually introduce the visitor to the logic and methods of scientific thinking and make the understanding of basic scientific laws and topics, literally, a game.

Guided tour of the area from DG Elementary School.

Duration of visit to the Museum: 60΄.


A different visit!

Would you like to make a different visit to the Museum of Technology?

Do you participate in a special program, project, European project or do you plan to do something different with your team at the Museum?

Contact us to discuss the conditions of a different visit!

Genesis – Shadow Art Exhibition until 30/6/2021

The exhibition consists of shadow sculptures *, which follow in time the creation and evolution of the earth, as well as the course of man on it. The sculptures are made of various materials, many of which are recyclable and follow the time periods of history, from Prehistory to the 21st century. It is an enjoyable educational process, a journey through time and the evolution of the earth and man. Through the shadow sculptures the visitor understands the “perspective”, not only as a physical parameter, but also as a philosophical one. The general philosophy of Shadow Art is that we can look at a situation, an event, an object from many angles and draw different conclusions (even the opposite) each time or see different images, the comparison of which can be determine our final point of view. In this way, the visitor, and especially the teenagers, are provided with the appropriate means to discover their world, their personality and their unique way of thinking. At the same time, there is a short video screening, which analyzes how to make shadow sculptures.

Aimed at students from DG Elementary to adults.

Tour duration: 45΄.

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