Space Travel (3D)

The new film “Space Journey” (3D) screened at the Cosmotheatre, presents the great achievements of the space shuttles and the bold pioneers who participated in them. Includes stunning Earth scenes and space work, such as the repair of the Hubble Space Telescope and the assembly of the International Space Station.

These space programs taught us how to live, work and do research in space. As the International Space Station operates until at least 2024, the film shows us how we prepare for the next exciting steps in space.

“Space Journey” will inspire the new generation’s dreams for new horizons in space and at the same time will make the older ones better appreciate what has been achieved so far.

Watch the movie trailer:

From 5th grade Primary School.

Duration: 45΄

Enjoy the movie today on the giant screen of the Cosmotheatre!

To view the program click here.