Future Space

NOESIS participates in the trans-European project entitled “Future Space”, lasting 30 months (10/2019 – 3/2022), which is funded by the EU and in particular by the Erasmus + program, KA201 – Strategic Partnerships in the Field of School Education.

The project is led by the Space Research Center Polish Academy of Sciences (CBKPAN) and participating organizations are:
1. NEMO Science Museum, Amsterdam
2. NOESIS Science Center and Museum of Technology, Thessaloniki
3. Polish Space Agency, Warsaw
4. Computer Assisted Education and Information Technology Center (OEIiZK), Warsaw

The project, through its deliverables, aims to prepare an innovative educational content on Astronomy and Space Science.

Acting in support of formal education, it aspires to increase students’ knowledge in this field, but also to be a catalyst for change in the understanding and teaching of STEM subjects in secondary schools in Poland, Greece and the Netherlands.

In this context, two distinct contents will be developed:
A) the Space Schools Program (Space Program for Gymnasiums and Lyceums) and
b) the Space Program for science centers and other non-formal education organizations (Space program for non-formal education organizations).

The aim of both programs is to enrich and expand the content of the existing curricula of Gymnasiums and Lyceums, proposing activities that use a variety of teaching methods and tools.

In addition, the project through specific actions, aims to increase the number of candidates for STEM studies, as students will have the opportunity through the project to know and explore career opportunities in space and other innovative areas.