Scientific and research interests of NOISIS

NOESIS attracts over 140,000 visitors every year and it achieves this through a variety of activities such as permanent and new exhibitions of the Museum of Technology, screenings in special rooms (Planetarium, 3D Simulator, 3D World Theater) the interactive “Technopark” with many exhibits , while it has a conference center and group work rooms for its educational programs (Robotics, Physics and Chemistry experiments, science parties, theme nights, etc.) On the internet ( it has been present since 1995 and is constantly enriching its free educational material (technology wiki, animated science stories, virtual physics and chemistry labs) and more. In the last 12 years NOISIS has designed and produced over 15 small and medium-sized periodical exhibitions. Themes range from interactive exhibits, astrophotography to computer history and the arts

Its main action concerns the design and implementation of educational programs. Examples are “Summer Escape”, “Renewable Energy Sources”, “Robotics Laboratories”, “Aeromodeling” etc. The most typical example is the presentation of Science Shows, short (45 ‘) presentations of scientific experiments which explain with simple and comprehensible science subjects.

In addition to the educational programs, NOISIS organizes meetings and workshops with prominent members of the scientific community, in collaboration with other cultural / research bodies such as the British Council, the French Institute, CERTH, etc.

Finally, on an annual basis, at the facilities of the Agency, large-scale events are organized such as the “Astroparty”, “Student Informatics Conference”, “First Lego League Competition” etc.