Profile of NOESIS

The Science Center & Technology Museum “NOESIS” is a cultural and educational Institution, NPID of non-profit character. It is a General Government body and a supervised body of the Ministry of Education, Research and Religions. It offers the public the environment for the acquaintance and understanding of the Sciences and Technology and intervenes in matters of technical culture. The Science Dissemination Center is addressed to the general public and in particular to:

School groups, for organized visits and guided tours
Young people who are interested in Science and Technology
Teachers, for training and assistance of their work
Anyone interested, for information, training and services.

Objectives of the Agency are:

Attracting the interest, familiarization and training of the public and especially the young, in matters of Technology and Sciences (past, current achievements and future developments). The collection, rescue, preservation, documentation and promotion of our technological and industrial heritage. The development and dissemination of the innovative spirit.
It has 23 permanent staff with an indefinite employment relationship and 28 people with a fixed-term employment relationship.