Project “A New Beginning at EPAL” (2017-Today)


This project is implemented in the framework of the Act “Support and Management of Action Plans of the project” A New Beginning at EPAL “” (MIS 5011051) which is part of the national action “A New Beginning at EPAL” and funded by the Operational Program “Development Human Resources, Education and Lifelong Learning “(NSRF 2014-2020) (co-financed by the European Social Fund (ECB) of the European Union and Greece).

The purpose of the project is to support a package of interventions in the first grade of high school of EPAL initially in 9 pilot schools and then in the expansion phase in all schools from the school year 2018-2019 and for three (3) school years.

The aim is for all EPALs to submit a comprehensive or thematic Action Plan on an annual basis, which will be funded provided that certain minimum standards are met.

For the opening of the school to the society, the involved school units submit for approval and implement annual Action Plans in the Creative Activities Zone but also outside school hours in which students participate.

The special object of the project concerns the support, coordination and management of Action Plans that will be submitted on an annual basis by the EPAL of the country.

The main objectives are the strengthening of the school as a community, the increase of its prestige, its further connection with the local community, the reconstruction of public prejudices and the improvement of the attractiveness of EPAL, through the institutional support of creativity, innovation, and social responsibility.

Furthermore, the connection of the school with the local community (extroversion) is sought so that:

The local community to support the school (utilization of existing structures of psychosocial support, utilization of social and work experience, etc.).
The school should highlight its usefulness (Promotion of the school and the achievements of the students, parents’ schools, informative actions for technological issues, technical assistance in solving local problems, development of citizen consciousness and consumer protection, etc.).

NOESIS will undertake:

The writing of the announcement for the Action Plans.
The collection, categorization, control and evaluation of the submitted Action Plans.
The communication with the school units and the provision of guidelines for the implementation of the Action Plans.
The monitoring of the financial management of the Action Plans in accordance with the principles of the NSRF.
The creation and operation of an information website of EPAL.
The creation of a repository platform of good practices and communication between the participants.
The posting of Indicative Action Plans in knowledge repositories.
The organization of a round table with participants from the Ministry. Education and the EPAL, at the end of the pilot period, for
discussion of the problems, improvement of management practices, so that they can be implemented during the extension phase of the operation.

For more information you can call 231 231 5330.

Vassilis Matsos, Project Manager

Iliopoulos Periklis, Coordinator of Co-financed Projects

Katerina Kyriakidou, Project Team Coordinator