International Science Inspired Program

The Science Inspired program aims to highlight science centers as excellent places for young people to learn about science, where teachers in collaboration with facilitators can inspire them and impart their knowledge.

Under the program, 4 science centers join forces: The Experyment Science Center from Poland, the Agóra Science Center from Hungary, VIDA! Science Center from the Czech Republic and NOISIS from Greece.

Research shows that students find science-related courses interesting, even though they are more difficult and more demanding. Adolescents do not have the tools that would allow them to acquire relevant knowledge more easily. The Science Inspired program will create new tools to help educators and facilitators encourage young people to take on new challenges.

Objectives of the program
– Exchange of experiences between teachers and facilitators from European science centers.
– Encourage teachers to share their knowledge in their work environments.
– Cooperation between science centers in Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Greece.
Encourage young people to create their own scientific content.

During the program teachers and facilitators in science centers:
– They will participate in 4 visits to the science centers participating in the program.
– They will create their own scientific video, where, using interactive exhibits, they will explain the most interesting phenomena.
– They will get acquainted with modern teaching methods, e.g. gamification, storytelling, ICT.
– They will make clear the motivations and needs of young people and will try to meet these needs using the design thinking method.
– They will create innovative teaching methods using new technologies and extracurricular activities.

– They will try the tools that will be created by the facilitators and the teachers.
– They will participate in workshops, during which they will learn how to create inspirational scientific videos.
– They will participate in a competition for the creation of a short scientific video.
– They will exchange views on the videos with teenagers from Hungary, the Czech Republic, Greece and Poland.

The program is funded by the European Union under Erasmus +.

Program duration: 1.12.2018-30.1.2021