Science of Cooking – Learning STEM subjects through cooking for persons with ID

NOESIS participates in the trans-European project entitled “Science of cooking: Learning STEM subjects through cooking for persons with ID”. The project has a duration of 25 months (10/2023 – 10/2025) and is funded by the EU, in particular by the Erasmus+ program (KA220-ADU – Cooperation partnerships in adult education).

It is a collaboration of organizations from Slovenia, Spain, Italy and Greece. The project is led by Izobrazevalni center Geoss d.o.o. from Slovenia and participating organizations:
– Zveza Sozitje (Slovenia)
– Consultoría de Innovación Social (Spain)
– Associazione Culturale Eufemia APS (Italy)
– Science Center and Technology Museum – NOESIS (Greece)

The aim of the project is to exploit situations of everyday life, specifically cooking and cooking, in order to encourage the learning of adults with intellectual disabilities in STEM fields.

The presentation of STEM subjects in an attractive and understandable way in this context, expects to lead to the acquisition of knowledge and mainly skills that will contribute to increasing the autonomy of these individuals.

The project deliverables include the development of an innovative educational approach, the creation of a rich toolkit of activities to support it as well as the design of a game.

The above deliverables are expected:
a) increase the skills and competences of educators to teach STEM subjects to adults with intellectual disabilities and
(b) enable learners to acquire knowledge and skills that will contribute to increasing their autonomy and better integration into modern society.

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