Cooperation Agreement NOΕSIS – Thessaloniki Tourism Organization

Cooperation Pact in order to develop actions of alternative tourism, extroversion and attracting visitors, was signed by the Tourism Organization of Thessaloniki (OTTH) and NOESIS.

The two bodies consolidate their cooperation in the direction of wider recognition and impact of their work and activities at local, national and international level.

Objectives of the Cooperation Pact include:
– The consolidation of the cooperation with joint actions and mutually beneficial synergies between OTTH and NOESIS.
– The exchange and mutual utilization of know-how, experience and other collaborations between the two bodies.
– The connection, cooperation and activation of NOESIS in actions related to the tourism market, alternative tourism activities and the tourism industry in general.
– The exchange of knowledge and experience in matters of tourism and attracting visitors.
– The further development of the extroversion of the two bodies, the wider recognition and impact of their work and activities at local, national and international level.

OTTH is the official tourist body of the city with actions related to:
– The advertising and tourist promotion of the Prefecture of Thessaloniki in Greece and abroad.
– The formation of the tourist identity (branding) of Thessaloniki.
– The preparation and implementation of a strategic plan for the development of tourism in the Prefecture of Thessaloniki.
– The support and coordination of actions for the strengthening of the Prefecture of Thessaloniki as a tourist destination.
– The promotion and promotion of the strategic advantages of the region of Thessaloniki, in order to highlight it as an important tourist, commercial, economic, cultural, religious destination, cruise destination, as well as a conference tourism center and professional exhibitions.
– The publication of information material such as maps, city guides, thematically targeted brochures, which promote Thessaloniki and the design, implementation and promotion of new tourism products and services.

NOESIS is a public benefit, cultural, educational, non-profit Foundation, which promotes the technical culture and creates for the general public the appropriate environment to be informed about the developments of science and technology. Its facilities include digital projection rooms (Planetarium, Widescreen Cinema, Simulator), Technology Museum, Conference Center, Periodical Exhibition Hall, Digital Producers Laboratory. The organization organizes a variety of educational programs, conferences, workshops and events for young and old on science and technology.

The Cooperation Agreement was signed by the President of OTTH, Deputy Regional Head of the Metropolitan Unit of Thessaloniki, Voula Patoulidou and the President of NOESIS, Prof. Michalis Sigalas. Also present, on behalf of NOESIS, the General Manager, Thanassis Kontonikolaou and the Communication and Promotion Manager, Elisavet Konstantinou and on behalf of OTTH, the Special Associate, Kostis Hantzaridis and the executive, Maria Poulouktsi.

NOESIS thanks the Deputy Regional Head of the Metropolitan Unit of Thessaloniki, Mrs. Voula Patoulidou for her support, embrace and deep appreciation to the institution. With the signing of the Agreement, the relationship between OTTH and NOΕSIS enters a new fertile and creative period, in matters of alternative tourism and promotion of cultural institutions of the country.


Published: March 4, 2022