Scientific routes

This year’s Peiramatistas carve scientific paths, in the footsteps of Odysseus, on the way to the Moon, on the journey of light, on the paths of the car. There will be four workshops with a common element of the course, the journey, in the literal or metaphorical sense. Technology has its own paths. It is all a journey of the mind and intellect that does not stop moving forward, discovering, exploring new paths in the history of science.

Age: Toddlers – 2nd Grade
Stock: 20
Dates: Sunday 16/2, 23/2, 8/3, 15/3
Hours: 11.15 – 12.45
Cost: € 60.00

STEAM experiential workshops (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) combine experiments, constructions, games. Each workshop focuses on one topic: Cartography and cruising, space travel, optical physics, automotive technology.

The four laboratories in detail:

In the footsteps of Odysseus
A workshop on sea voyages, buoyancy and navigation, cartography, wind power, water transport, on the occasion of Odysseus’ voyage. It is essentially a preparation for a sailing trip in the laboratory. “Shipbuilders and sailors, cartographers and geographers” follow the course of Odysseus. The workshop includes experiments and constructions on the subject of buoyancy, creative constructions of floating means with sail with simple materials (straws, sticks, etc.), construction of a wind vane, game with coordinates on the map of the Mediterranean.

On the way to the Moon
Space travel, missions to the Moon, launches, life in space. All this on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the first mission to the Moon. We will organize a space mission, overcoming gravity, building a launch system, observing the phases of the Moon, we will reach the first step of man on the moon. It is an introductory laboratory in the world of space travel. With the snapshots from the first moon and the power of imagination, we will relive an important moment in the history of science.

The journey of light
An investigation into optical physics, light and shadow, solar energy, colors, visual perception, photography and animation. In the workshop we will talk about the power of light and solar energy, the composition and analysis of colors, shadow and translucent materials, image capture and animation. We will create projected images from the shadow of materials, we will compose colors with projections. It is a passage from the physical properties of light to the arts of shadow theater, photography and cinema.

Car routes
A tour of automotive technology, the invention of the wheel, alternative sources of propulsion, road safety, the car of the future. The road, the traffic, the scrolling, the car, the safety. These are the keywords of the laboratory. We will refer to the wheel and experiment with the scrolling of things and people, we will observe the operation of the engine in a model, we will experiment with alternative forms of engine (electric, solar, water). Finally, we will talk about the joy and safety in the car with a surprise construction!

Peiramatistas science laboratories were presented as a good educational practice at the 2nd International Conference of the University of Macedonia “Reimaging schooling”, Thessaloniki, September 2015.

The organization of the content and the execution of the program is carried out by the “Knowledge and Experience”.

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