Cosmotheater 3D

Cosmotheater 3D

The Cosmotheatre or giant screen cinema is one of the most impressive rooms of “NOESIS” and one of the best screening rooms in Europe.

It’s not just the size of the space or the flat giant screen, 17m high and 23m wide (the largest in Greece), nor the absolutely clear digital speaker “DTS dobly surround”, produced by 30 speakers and 11 amplifiers, that make the monitoring of a film at the World Theater unique experience. It is the feeling that you are really there. At the top of Mount Everest or in the underground galleries of the tombs of Egyptian kings, in the depths of the Pacific next to dolphins or the Norwegian fjords, ready for a free fall into the void. Whatever movie you choose to watch, the Cosmotheatre guarantees you an incredible experience, a unique journey.
This room also screens 3D (3D) movies, the future of audiovisual entertainment.

For spectators over 5 years.

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