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Connected – NEW temporary exhibition on the history of computers and life with the Internet

Following the decision to extend the Connected temporary exhibition until 28/7/2023, from now on visitors with a ticket for the permanent exhibitions of the Museum of Technology are entitled to free admission to Connected.

Internet access from everywhere.
Unlimited information online.
Internet of Things.
Billions of people connected
The computers that changed history.
The evolution of the internet.
Life before and after the internet.
Can you live without your cell phone?
Are you sure you do not read fake news?

The possibilities that modern technology offers to man have radically changed his daily life, the way he lives, works, travels, is informed, is connected.

The new periodical report “Connected” comes to detect the technological development behind this new reality (evolution of the machine: computer, connection of machines: internet), to capture the extent of the interconnection of people and machines, to point out the perspectives that it seems to have and ask questions about the opportunities that arise and the dangers that lurk.

The report is addressed to:
– Students from 4th to 6th grade with a guided tour, lasting 60΄.
– Gymnasium-Lyceum students with an educational program, duration 60΄.

5 € adults
Possibility to choose 2 exhibitions, with 8 €

4 € reduced (children, pupils, students)
Possibility to choose 2 exhibitions, with 6 €

Exhibition duration: 12/4/2022 – 28/2/2023 – Extended until 28/7/2023.

Opening hours here.

Telephone 2310 483 000, extension 2
Monday – Friday, hours 9.00-13.00

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Under the auspices:

Ministry of Development and Investments


Ministry of Digital Government



Published: March 28, 2022