One may have read about red giants and white dwarfs, meteorite falls and black holes. But he never saw the birth and death of a star in front of him. Nor did he have the opportunity to watch the Big Bang closely. Or admire the shades of Saturn’s rings.

On the panoramic, vaulted screen of the Planetarium, a new, magical world unfolds in front of the viewer. A world that is familiar and friendly. Our planetary system. Our galaxy. The universe.

With an external diameter of 25m and an internal diameter of 18m, with 150 sloping positions and equipped with projectors and computers of the latest digital technology, the Planetarium of NOISIS provides the best conditions for a magical journey away from the laws of gravity.

For those who deal systematically with astronomy, it may be primarily educational, but it also offers the uninitiated visitor a unique opportunity. To enjoy, in a unique way the beauty of discovering the secrets of heaven.

For spectators over 5 years.

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