The Technopark Hands-on Area

The Technopark is a place of interaction. The visitor actively participates, stars and learns while having fun.

As Frank Oppenheimer, the creator of such reports, puts it: “The first thing I try to do when I teach is to make my students feel that understanding scientific principles and phenomena offers satisfaction and fun. motivation, I make my students want to understand more and more things, that is, to be curious, then maybe my lesson will help them improve their whole life ”

The history of the Technopark and its interactive exhibits begins at the Technical Museum of Thessaloniki in 1991. Since then the exhibition has been a permanent part of the Museum’s activities. The response of the visitors during the multi-year presence of the interactive exhibits in the Museum was enthusiastic.

Today, the Technopark includes in an area of ​​450m2, 40 exhibits, which refer to a variety of scientific topics, such as electricity, magnetism, optics, engineering, etc.

The interactive exhibits:
– mobilize the mood for knowledge
– encourage technology
introduce the visitor to the logic and methods of scientific thought, and
– turn the understanding of basic scientific laws and phenomena, literally into a game.

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