Ancient Greek Technology

Ancient Greek Technology

Ancient Greek culture is the subject of study and admiration internationally.

The exhibition on ancient Greek technology aims to highlight an aspect of ancient Greek culture that has been researched and promoted far less than its philosophy, art, politics, military history, religion and other aspects.

But a culture is not accessible without understanding basic social phenomena, such as technology. The mental leap of the connection of technology – which always coexisted in human activities – with science – that gave birth to ancient Greek culture – opened new avenues in technological progress which sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly continues to this day.

The exhibition presents samples of technological elements and achievements of ancient Greece, with dummies made based on information from written sources. These exhibits from the fields of everyday life, construction, engineering, shipbuilding, war, telecommunications, measuring instruments, automation and others, reflect the techniques and the cultural context in which they appeared, capturing the role and the importance of technology in the development of ancient Greek and world culture.

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