ECSITE-participation of NOESIS in the international forum of Directors

The General Manager of NOESIS, Thanassis Kontonikolaou, member of the Board. of ECSITE, represented the body at the meeting of the Board. and at the Forum of Directors held on 4 and 5 November 2021, at the Cite des sciences et de l ‘industrie, in Paris.

The forum was attended by 63 Directors from 17 European countries, who focused on climate change, biodiversity, the potential and prospects of technology centers to inform society and young people about these issues, in collaboration with the media and Social Networks. At the same time, the opportunity arose for the pandemic to be a lever for the design and development of new digital services.

NOESIS is the only body in the Balkans that participates in the Board. of ECSITE, a fact that demonstrates its extroversion and its international role, the work it performs in the communication of science, its prestige and reliability.

Published: November 12, 2021