Space Party

Come to NOESIS to organize your child’s most space party… from another planet!
Time for launch and “SPACE PARTY”!
The educational program – “Space Party” on SPACE will be unforgettable to every child who loves space, as it includes:
 Two and a half hours of creative activities by educators
 Space missions to train future astronauts
 Group quizzes
 Film at the Planetarium or Cosmotheatre
 Snacks, toast and juice
 Commemorative gifts
 Invitations to print and distribute to your friends.

For primary school children.
Information about the educational program “SPACE PARTY”
Our space party combines knowledge, education and entertainment and is aimed at primary school children. During the 2.5 hours that lasts, children are accompanied by experienced educators.


1. First we gather at the Space Infopoint for our first acquaintance with space missions and play team quizzes.
2. Then we train as future astronauts, through various missions/tests.
3. We launch our own unique rocket!
4. We watch a film either at the Planetarium or at the Cosmotheater, depending on your choice and based on a specific program.
5. Finally, the cake is extinguished/cut and toast and juice are offered.
6. The party ends by distributing NOESIS commemorative gifts to all guests.
7. The educational program can accommodate up to 20 children. The cost is defined as a package price and amounts to 330 euros. The package includes all activities and items of the party (consumables, gifts, food), except the cake!

Party planning: Saturday and Sunday, 11:00-20:00
Read the terms and conditions here
For online reservations click here.
For information and reservations please contact Despina Mantsou at 6970527552 phone (Tuesday to Friday, 10:00-14:00).
Team and program coordination: Eirini Eliadou – Museologist

If you wish to have guests and parents in the area, you will need to speak with the manager of the restaurant housed in NOESIS, Lazaros Kontopoulos, from Tuesday to Sunday, at 2310 475751.