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TASTE project – meeting in Heidelberg, Germany

In the framework of the Erasmus plus European project TASTE, during the five-day period 23-27 October 2022, the second mobility / exchange of students-teachers in the framework of the Teaching – Learning activities action and the second face-to-face transnational project meeting (TPM) took place in Heidelberg, Germany.

NOESIS was represented by Eleana Balla, project manager for NOESIS and Maria Karakolia.

Regarding the mobility of students-teachers, a total of 40 secondary school students met with 9 teachers from the four partner schools and 6 executives from the 3 planetariums participating in the project.

The main purpose of student mobility was to complete the pilot phase of the survey by presenting students with the final versions of the educational activities developed by the partners in the previous period. Specifically, the students took part in the four activities of the teaching intervention, which will be implemented in the main phase of the survey (April 2023) to 200 new students from the four participating schools.

In this context, NOESIS presented to the students the 90′ duration activity that it developed and which through the use of three-dimensional models aims: a) to visualize and understand the real and apparent positions and movements of celestial bodies (Earth, Sun, stars) and b) to interpret the physical phenomena associated with them, through the adoption of scientifically correct mental models.

The venues that hosted students and teachers were the facilities of the Max Born Gymíasium in Neckargemund (a small town outside Heidelberg) and the Haus der Astronomie planetarium.

The student mobility program included an additional guided tour of the school, the planetarium and observation of a partial solar eclipse, a visit to Heidelberg Castle, as well as a day trip to the neighboring town of Speyer with a visit to the homonymous Technical Museum.




Published: November 3, 2022