Board of Directors and Staff 2019 – 2022

Board of Directors 2019 – 2022
President: Michael Sigalas, professor of Chemistry, AUTh
Vice President: Alexandra Alexopoulou, Professor of Architecture, AUTh
General Secretary: Anastasios Molochidis, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, AUTh
Treasurer: Andreas Oikonomou, Associate Professor, Department of Pedagogy, Α.Σ.ΠΑΙ.Τ.Ε.

Members (in alphabetical order):
Michael Gavezos, retired, private employee
Konstantinos Iliadis, secondary school teacher
Ioannis Krestenitis, professor at the Polytechnic School of AUTh
Nikolaos Pakhtas, electrical engineer and computer engineer
Emmanouil Pleionis, professor at the Department of Physics, AUTh
Xenophon Sachinis, professor at the School of Fine Arts, AUTh
Kleomenis Tsiganis, Associate Professor, Department of Physics, AUTh

NOESIS staff
Thanasis Kontonikolaou

Exhibition and Operations Manager:
Costas Tanis

Director of Research, Planning & Development:
Vassilis Matsos

Director of Financial and Administrative Services:
Evangelos Afthonidis

Secretariat of the General Directorate and the Board of Directors:
Marialena Sotiriadou

Marketing, Communication and Public Relations:
Elisabeth Constantinou

Exhibitions – Collections:
Leonidas Gymnopoulos

Educational programs:
Maria Karnezou
Eleana Balla

Financial management:
Ersi Pitika

Accounting – Supplies:
Petros Vogiatzoglou

Funded Programs:
Pericles Iliopoulos

Sponsorships, members, volunteers:
Claire Grigoroudi

Visual Communication / Graphic Design Editing:
Nikos Moutsis

Group bookings:
Marianna Papandreou

Management – Operation Coordination:
Michalis Papoutsidis

Operation and Spectator Service Staff
Technology Museum:
Sofia Xenitidou
Penny Sakelari

Planetarium Operator:
George Bokovos

Cosmotheatre projection engineers:
Nikos Panagiotidis
Loukas Alevizos

Simulator Operators:
Olympia Ralli
Toula Papa

Building Maintenance – Exterior work:
Menelaos Cook

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Organization chart