NOESIS Space Tech by Robotixlab

For 4th grade - 2nd high school students

A series of independent thematic workshops (Robotics, Electronics, Video Games coding, 3D modeling - 3D printing) with a common theme of Space Technology.

Missions and challenges based on real problems of NASA's Terraforming Project. We work with the Theta Robot and the award-winning microbit v.2.0 microcomputer, we discover by programming magnetic field, acceleration, ultrasonic sensors and more, we push the robot to its limits by testing the micromotors against friction, center of gravity and inclined plane. Will the robot manage to collect the rocks from the surface of the Red Planet and take them to the laboratory for analysis? Will you and your team be able to create a device to control the external temperature of the Mars Lander so that it can be turned on in case of overheating? Will you be able to clean the solar panels from the dust and repair the telecommunication tower after the star storm?

Star Wars, 2001 A Space Odyssey, Apollo 11, Wall-E are just some of the space themed movies. In the Electronics section we enter the magical world of special effects and more specifically the sound effects of space movies. We leave the digital world and "play" old school analogue. Design and construction of laser effect electronic circuit. We discover sound wave oscillations, play with materials and learn about resistors, capacitors, transistors and piezoelectric elements. We design our circuit and test it in simulation. When we are sure that everything works as it should, we "put on" the soldering irons and solder our own electronic boards. We check, test and repair possible problems by doing problem solving. George Lucas get ready here we come!

Video Games Coding
Design and programming of space-themed video games. We analyze video games from the perspective of the designer. Does the thematic scenario, sound, graphics, mechanics and rules of the game play a role? We learn Microsoft's Makecode Arcade programming language which enables us to program our own game in a simple and easy way. We use rules of physics and put speed and acceleration into play, learn and use coordinates on the X and Y axes, finally seeing the real utility of mathematics. We use variables and make point counters, timers and "lives" to make our game interesting and competitive. We start with an introductory classic like Space Invaders and end up with our very own adventure platformer game with many levels and of course a space theme!

3D modelling - 3D printing
We are inspired by the Ingenuity Helicopter, the autonomous drone that flies on the planet Mars and helps the Perseverance Rover, and we use digital fabrication technology (CAD/CAM system) to build a flying machine. 3D design with CAD technology (computer aided design) and construction of the 3D model with the help of a 3D printer (CAM computer aided manufacture). Through this whole process we understand the operating principles of the 3D printer, the various techniques, the concept of slicing and the translation of the model into machine language, as well as the maintenance procedures of the machine. Will your own 3D printed model be able to fly? What role does center axle weight play? The dial angle of the impeller? The number of wings?

By participating and successfully completing each workshop you become the recipient of the unique honorary badge of each activity. The participants who manage to collect all the badges will participate in a special surprise project at the end of the year!

Rounds of 2 meetings for each topic
Duration of each meeting: 120'
Number of participants: 15 people
Age: 4th grade - 2nd high school