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En-climatology – NEW educational program

For boys and girls, from third to sixth grade

In this NOESIS educational program, it’s finally time to solve the mystery of the climate crisis and become the change Earth!

The planet emits SOS and our mission is to study the greenhouse effect and melting ice, understand the consequences of climate change and plan with actions to save our planet before it is too late!

Within 1.5 hours of experiential education and entertainment, children, girls and boys, as specialists in en-climatology:

– Observe, collect data and research.
– Expand their knowledge through experiments.
– Enhance their critical thinking.
– They use scientific tools for a unique STEAM construction which they will take with them as a souvenir of their experience!

Number of seats: 16 children

Saturday 27/5 at 17:30
Sunday 28/5 at 12:00

Participation fee: 10€

Place: Library, 1st floor.

For registrations click here.

Despina Mantsou, Tuesday to Friday, 10.00 – 14.00, telephone: 6970 527552.



Published: May 17, 2023