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Solidarity – Human rights

In recent days we have been watching with concern, sadness and intense concern the events unfolding in Ukraine, the tragic consequences of the war and the unprecedented and enormous humanitarian crisis that affects us all.

The organization with sensitivity and social responsibility started six years ago and continues at a steady pace, the Refugee Accommodation Program with the aim of offering a moment of relaxation, psychological and spiritual uplift to people who have violently left their homeland, have lost loved ones, their belongings and are hosted in our country under difficult conditions trying to start a new life and gain optimism and vision.

Especially for the new generation, the children and the orphans of the war, efforts are made for the smooth integration as much as possible in the Greek environment and in our schools, with care and care to have education and not to lose their contact with the Culture, the Art and human values. Do not be disappointed and imbued with the concepts of solidarity, support and the union of peoples and peoples who work together harmoniously and peacefully, without discrimination, to achieve common goals and objectives.

The organization’s helper in this effort is all the visitors, our children, the school and student community, the teachers, who come to the organization and watch its activities, Programs, Exhibitions and spectacles and create the financial source to the body can carry out its research, cultural, educational and social work.

In these dramatic situations with disastrous consequences, the organization will offer to every Ukrainian refugee or immigrant our Hospitality Program and its Educational Programs, wishing to participate and put a stone of well-being, a small beautiful moment in those people who are tested with him. worst and most tragic way.

He will also offer his services to the Greek Diaspora, to the family and to every Greek expatriate who is tested and deprived of the basic necessities of life and survival and is forced to uproot himself from Ukraine and come to Greece in the hope of continuing to live. The work is repeated.

In a relevant letter to the competent authorities, he declares his willingness to help and react.

With deep appreciation and respect for humanitarian values, human rights and social justice.

With faith in the inalienable rights to peace, free spirit and will, uninterrupted access to education and culture.

The staff of NOΕSIS

Published: March 11, 2022