“Space Mission 101” to the planetarium

img_f680510aa9e0The live show “Space Mission 101 – Destination: Solar System” is a production of NOESIS, suitable for infants and for A ‘, B’, C ‘Primary School.

The first live space production of the planetarium, includes a 20 minute presentation of constellations, planets and celestial bodies by an animator of NOISIS and a knowledge game with questions and answers. The show can be attended by infants and primary school children (content is adapted to age groups).

The children who participate in the program as “space visitors” are provided with boarding passes which, among other things, contain photos and information about celestial bodies such as planets, galaxies, nebulae, etc.

The total duration of the trip is 35-40 minutes.

Content of the show

a) Live presentation
Children are guided from the Earth to their most famous celestial bodies such as the Sun and the Moon. They observe the basic constellations and learn about light pollution. They know the phenomenon of day and night, the measurement of time in days, months and years. Then, they travel to our solar system and learn about the conditions that prevail on the planets, recognizing how valuable the existence of life on our planet, Earth, is.

b) Game of knowledge
The live presentation is followed by a fun question and answer quiz in which the children look for the correct answers to the questions related to the presentation they attended. The game is played with a special wireless voting system * provided by NOISIS through which children choose the correct answer from multiple choice questions (A, B, C).

* Voting devices are given only for grades D ‘- F’. The students of the first grades of elementary school vote individually, raising their hand to the correct answer.

Topics covered in the presentation:
– The earth
– The Phenomenon of day – night
– The measurement of time (Day, month, year)
– The phases of the Moon
– Our solar system
– The planets
– Conditions that are necessary for the existence of life
– Constellations
– Light pollution

Group booking procedure
You can make a group booking by phone, knowing the number of people in your team and the class. Reservation manager: Marianna Papandrou, phone 2310-483000, extension 2, (Monday to Friday, 8: 30-13: 30).

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