To whom does the future belong? The Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence – lecture 7.5.2022

Lecture on Artificial Intelligence and the Digital Revolution entitled “The Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence: Who Owns the Future?” will be given by George Hadjivassiliou, PhD in Philosophy of Technology (AUTh) and journalist, on Saturday, May 7, 2022, at 17:30, at NOESIS.

Describing the content of the lecture, the speaker notes:
“Through the laboratories of artificial intelligence, the spark of a true cosmogony is coming out nowadays. Artificial intelligence and the digital revolution are a definite protagonist of the 21st century. The colossal possibilities and threats they create will profoundly change our world in the coming decades. They will bring man in front of some of the greatest challenges he has ever faced. The most crucial of these is sought and discussed in the lecture that will be given at NOESIS, in the context of the exhibition “Connected – The history of computers and life with the Internet”.

Artificial intelligence invites us to reflect on modern technology not only technologically – but also philosophically and educationally. The new generations are called to be educated in the ethics of new technology. It’s their young recruits who will define their future demands from the unprecedented technology universe that is now beginning to develop. ”

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Brief CV
George Hadjivassiliou holds a PhD in Philosophy of Technology, with postgraduate studies in Political Philosophy (AUTh). He is a journalist, creator of the ERT documentary series “Animated Philosophers”, a TV show that popularizes complex philosophical theories in an entertaining way. She has collaborated with the media in the field of television, radio, print and digital press (ANT1, Sky, Rainbow, Athens Voice, Observer, Messenger, etc.), gives lectures in schools on philosophy and is its copywriter. exhibition “Connected – The history of computers and life with the Internet” by NOESIS, about life before and after the internet.

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Published: May 1, 2022