Explora! Summer Camp – At NOESIS!

EXPLORA (Summer camp) 

A special category of educational activity with a strong element of entertainment is the summer school (summer camp) EXPLORA, which takes place in NOESIS since 2009. Every day, for a week, children participate in educational programs, the vast majority of which are designed and implemented by specialized staff at NOESIS, and aim to introduce children to technology and science through play, construction, creative employment.

Every year, the themes of EXPLORA seek to bring children closer to the STEM sciences by drawing their content from robotics, recycling, energy, etc. Screenings, group games, constructions complete the daily experience of the children during their participation in EXPLORA.

Regarding the program, which is addressed to high school students, has been the framework for various and interesting collaborations of NOESIS, such as with INEB (Institute of Applied Life Sciences), AUTh (Department of Veterinary Medicine, School of Science, Department of Science Department of Agriculture).

It is addressed to three age groups: 1st to 3rd Grade Primary, 4th – 6th Grade Primary School, 1st to 3rd Grade Secondary School.
Duration: 5 days.