Party at NOESIS!

Party at NOESIS!

Thank you for your preference!

For information and reservations contact Despina Mantsou at 6970527552 (days Tuesday to Friday, hours 10: 00-14: 00).

Where will you celebrate your birthday?
Come to NOESIS to organize the most scientific and unforgettable party!

Become a little scientist yourself and take part in special games and magic experiments with your friends.

The educational program with Dr. NOESIS will be unforgettable because it includes:

Experiment show with Dr. NOESIS with new updated content
FREE Screening at the World Theater or Planetarium
BuZZ or Pass? A team game of fast reaction, creative thinking and knowledge
Two and a half hours, creative work by educators
Invitations to print and share with your friends

For primary school children
Party organization: Saturday and Sunday, 12: 00-20: 00

Information about the educational program “party with Dr. NOESIS »!

Our science party combines knowledge, education and entertainment and is aimed at primary school children. During the 2.5 hours that last, the children are accompanied by experienced educators in three different areas of NOESIS.

Initially we watch a movie either at the planetarium or at the Cosmotheatre, depending on your choice and based on a specific program.

2. Then the children discover the laboratory of Dr. NOESIS and participate in experiments with him!

After the experiments, the game (video game-quiz) with questions of creative thinking and knowledge follows.
Finally, the cake is cut and the children are offered toast and juice.
The party ends, distributing to all the guests souvenirs NOESIS.

The educational program can accommodate up to 20 children. The cost is defined as the package price and amounts to 330 euros. The package includes all the activities and items of the party (consumables, gifts, food), except the cake!

If you wish to have guests and parents in the area, you will need to talk to the manager of the restaurant housed in NOESIS, Lazaro Kontopoulos, from Tuesday to Sunday, at 2310 475751.

We stay safe!

It is a top priority for us to ensure a safe environment for the children who will take part in our educational program. For this reason NOESIS takes all the necessary precautions and distances based on the official instructions for Covid-19 from the competent bodies (EODY), and is in force at the specific time, in order to ensure the health and safety of participants and rapporteurs.

In this context, participants should comply with the instructions given to them and apply the protection measures that will apply (eg, thermometry at the entrance, hand sanitization, use of a mask, keeping distance, specific locations in all meetings etc).

For information and reservations contact Despina Mantsou at 6970527552 (days Tuesday to Friday, hours 10: 00-14: 00).