Mission and objectives

The Noesis – Thessaloniki Science Center and Technology Museum is a cultural and educational non-profit organization. It offers the public an environment conducive to the familiarisation with and the understanding of Natural Sciences and Technology, and is actively involved with subjects concerned with the technolgical culture.

The main objective of the Center is the popularization of modern knowledge and its dissemination to the public through exhibitions, films, seminars and lectures. The brand name of the Center intends to emphasize the connection between its operation and human intellect (noesis), since the intention of its founders was to make scientific knowledge available to everybody.

The activities of the center are aimed at the general public, dealing with general subjects within its scope. More specifically, the center’s activities are directed towards:
– School groups, for whom organised visits and guided tours are arranged;
– Young people with an aptitude for Natural Sciences and Technology;
– Educators, via the provision of ongoing training and support in their educational work;
– Any other members of the public interested in Science and Technology, whether for reason of information, education or provision of services.

– The collection, salvage, preservation, documentation, and presentation of our technological and industrial heritage;

– The attraction of interest; the education of the public, especially the younger generation, with the aim of creating a greater intimacy with Technology and Natural Sciences (past, present, and future);

– The growth and spread of the spirit of innovation.


– Guided tours and organised demonstrations of the exhibits.

– Presentations of experiments in the fields of Physics and Chemistry.

– Film screenings, slide shows, and other audio-visual presentations.

– Operation of Science Clubs.

– Organisation and running of periodic exhibitions.

– Organisation of Technology competitions for school-children.

– Organisation of various events, such as conferences, talks, meetings, etc.

– Publications.

– Organisation and operation of a library (includes conventional and electronic media).

– Co-operation with other cultural bodies;

– Co-operation with Museums in other countries.