Creative robotics

The program combines introduction to robotics, programming, creative construction and learning, through the practice of children’s free imagination. Cycles of 3 workshops, lasting 90 minutes, for kindergarten – 2nd grade students.

Creative Robotics
Transforming our old toys!

A program that combines the introduction to robotics, programming, creative construction and learning, through the practice of children’s free imagination. With a focus on education, learning, entertainment and creation, we will get to know the electrical circuit through conductive plasticine. We will learn the rules and principles of robotics and drawing inspiration from ancient Greece and its technological achievements, with sensors and motors, we will complete our creations, transforming our old toys that we will bring from our home!

Our constructions will be part of a collection that will remain and will be exhibited at NOISIS in June 2021. The deconstruction of the concept of “old” or “damaged” toy is the basic principle of the workshops. The combination of heterogeneous materials, learning and entertainment is the basic structure of the complex program of Creative Robotics.

Ages: Kindergarten up to 2nd grade

Dates: Saturday 3/10, 10/10, 17/10

Time: 17.00-18.30

Stock: 16

Cost: € 60.00

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Strict order of priority will be observed in the sections of all topics as places are limited.

The Creative Robotics program was designed and implemented by the artist Georgios Antonogiannakis (Georgios GreeKalogerakis) and is based on his postgraduate studies in Art and Technology (MA Computational Arts). The workshops are presented by him and the team of AgoGreece (, having as main axis the feedback and the continuous development of the program.

Procedure for securing participation

Completion of the electronic application form.
Payment methods:
– Electronic payment. All VISA, Mastercard debit / credit cards are accepted.
– Fill in the form at NOISIS, depending on the availability and payment at the checkout during its opening hours (Tuesday to Friday 9:00 – 15:00, Saturday 11:30 – 18:00, Sunday 11:30 – 18:00) .
Ensuring final participation:

The final participation in the program is ensured by paying the participation amount and receiving a confirmation email.


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