3D Printing by Robotixlab

Digital fabrication is changing the way our world works. 3D design and 3D printing potentially turn each of us into a manufacturer of our own products. Just as today we all have a printer at home and print our photos, homework or a nice picture from the internet, in a few years we will have 3D printers at home. We will be able to create new artifacts, repair damaged items and share 3D objects with a click of the mouse from one end of the world to the other in seconds. After proper recording and measurements, we design and print our own useful 3D accessory that transforms objects that we would throw in the trash into new useful products, experientially understanding the meaning of upcycling!

Robotixlab laboratories are designed by Robotics Engineer, Antonis Kanouras and implemented by Robotixlab and its trained animators / trainers. Thessaloniki-based Robotixlab has been designing and implementing robotics and technology activities for children since 2008.