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Connected – NEW temporary exhibition on the history of computers and life with the Internet

Internet access from everywhere. Unlimited information online. Internet of Things. Billions of people connected The computers that changed history. The evolution of the internet. Life before and after the internet. Can you live without your cell phone? Are you sure you do not read fake news? The possibilities that modern technology offers to man have [...]
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The IDEA exhibition at the Library of Alexandria

The IDEA-Ancient Greek Science and Technology exhibition is to be presented in the emblematic space of the new Library of Alexandria, Egypt (, from the beginning of October 2021 until the beginning of January 2022. The new Library of Alexandria “Bibliotheca Alexandrina” is an attempt to revive the eponymous ancient Library, under the auspices of […]


Exhibition: Nikola Tesla-The man who invented the future

“Nikola Tesla – The man who invented the future” Periodic exhibition at NOISIS Due to the large attendance of the public, the exhibition extends its operation until May 31, 2018 If inventions such as electricity, wireless technology, radar, X-rays and radio typically shaped the 20th century, then the “inventor of the 20th century” is Nikola […]

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Ancient Chinese Science and Technology – the exhibition continues until 9/22/2019

“Ancient Chinese Science and Technology” – the exhibition continues until 9/22/2019 On Saturday, September 29, at 19.00, the exhibition “Ancient Chinese Science and Technology” is inaugurated at NOISIS, which is held in collaboration with the Museum of Science and Technology of China. This exhibition presents unique examples of paper, typography, magnetic compass, gunpowder, porcelain, silk, […]

Genesis – Art of Shadow Exhibition

Genesis - Path to Infinity Shadow art exhibition from 1/11/2019 to 30/6/2022 NOESIS presents a different exhibition based on shadow art. It consists of shadow sculptures *, which follow in time the creation and evolution of the earth, as well as the course of man on it. The sculptures are made of various materials, many [...]