Eco Zoo The first “zoological park in the world”, without captive animals!

From 17 October 2023 until 4 February 2024 – Extension until 2/6/2024

NOESIS, designed by Dreamworkers and Eksagon Exhibitions, presents Eco Zoo, the first animal park that combines entertainment and education in a unique way. A park where all animals are robotic, in realistic representation and have impressive movement and sound.

A whole realistic and at the same time fairytale world is presented in different sections, combining entertainment and education in a unique way. It is the largest animal park in the world, without captivity of living creatures, which does not require waste of energy, food and medicines for their maintenance and proper development, does not need water for their cleanliness and operates without the use of human resources for their care.

At Eco Zoo, the audience participates in a real experience of discovery, in an unforgettable “journey” to planet Earth, space and time, in an imaginary and at the same time real world. With an impressive “Time Machine” as a means of transport, it navigates to special parts of the planet, at different dates each time. At the same time, the unique experience of visiting Eco Zoo includes robotic animals, interactive walls and tables, original applications, educational programs and quizzes.

During the visit, initially, we meet animals that have become extinct, such as dinosaurs and mammoths, while for the first time in Greece the wonderful world of marine dinosaurs is presented. Large and smaller exhibits, in life-size, with movement and sound, impress in a scenographed marine environment.

Then, the audience discovers the animals of the planet on every continent, with robotic constructions with impressive movement and sound, gets to know technologies from the future, discovers information and secrets, experiences the real conditions of animal evolution, learns about biodiversity, climate change, the extinction of various species and concerns about the future of our planet.

The role of NOESIS
NOESIS’ scientific team used modern technological tools in order to convey to visitors important scientific information through interaction and gamification:

  • Mobile app (smartphone) in the form of an audio tour and a hidden treasure type game, which aims at a better understanding of the exhibits by children.
  • Three different interactive information stations were designed to provide information about animals through games. One station provides a realistic simulation of the senses of hearing and vision in selected animals as well as data on their anatomy. The second station provides information about special powers possessed by some animals through a game where the visitor is invited to design his own “superanimal”. At the third information station, the visitor, looking to identify endemic species of the Greek fauna, is informed about the species threatened with extinction in Greece.
  • An interactive table on BIODIVERSITY provides information on the biodiversity of all countries in the world as well as statistics on them. Through two games, visitors learn about megadiverse countries and check the knowledge they have acquired.
  • Finally, each visitor can explore the interactive wall measuring 4 x 1.25 m which has defined points painted with conductive ink and through projection mapping activate the animation projection that will narrate the causes and effects of climate change on the planet.


Read more about the Eco Zoo project

Visit the official website of Eco Zoo

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Visits for school groups
For children of Preschool and Primary education, the guided tour program has a careful sense of humor and is adapted to their cognitive level. Tour duration: 50 ́.

For students from A to C Gymnasium, a special guided tour program has been designed to maintain undiminished interest and ensure their active participation. Tour duration: 50 ́.

Information: 2310483 033 and 6946558282
Reservations for organized excursions and schools: 2310 483 000, ext. 2

Tuesday-Friday, 9.00-14.00
Saturday, 11.00-19.00
Sunday, 11.00-15.00

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From the creators of the top theme parks, “Odyssey”, “Chocolate Factory and Museum”, “Hercules – The 12 Labors”, etc., Dream Workers and Eksagon


The project is funded by the Greek State and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) under the “Central Macedonia” Program of the NSRF 2021-2027.