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NOESIS at Athens Science Festival 16-21.4.2024

The Science Center and Technology Museum – NOESIS was dynamically present at the Athens Science Festival (ASF) 2024, which this year celebrated 10 years since its establishment, having been established as an institution, but also as a cultural event for science, technology, innovation and art.

This year’s ASF event “Stories of Change” focused on the most critical challenges of our time: How can AI help tackle the climate crisis? To what extent is it possible to make modern industry sustainable? What are the real threats posed by climate change and how can we respond as a global society? In what ways do technological developments affect health, disease prevention and treatment?

The festival took place at the premises of Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens and welcomed more than 15,000 visitors, in 306 events, with the participation of 1,010 scientific associates and 300 volunteers.

NOESIS participated in ASF with a brief presentation of the exhibition Connected – The history of computers and life with the internet, highlighting the possibilities offered by modern technology to people and which have radically changed their everyday life, the way they live, work, travel, get informed and connect.

There are four thematic sections of the exhibition:
• The evolution of the machine-Old computers (physical objects and prints), information about people who played an important role in the evolution of computers.
• The internet-Internet information, video and interactive exhibits on touch screens.
• The New Life-Information material and exhibits
• Utopia or dystopia-Video about the effects of extensive use of the internet.

Through these sections, the computers that changed history and the technological evolution behind this new reality were presented. It also illustrated the extent of the interconnection between humans and machines, while questions were raised about the emerging opportunities and the risks that lurk.

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Published: April 16, 2024