Digital Planetarium

You way have read about red giants and white dwarfs, about meteor falls and black holes. But have you ever witnessed the birth and the death of a star in front of you? What about the Big Bang, or life in the international space station?

In the hemispherical surrounding dome screen of the Planetarium, a new magical world unveils in front of your eyes. A world distant and unknown, a familiar and frιendly world. Our Planetary system, our galaxy, the universe.

Equipped with the very latest Fidelity Media Servers by Global Immersion and the real time astronomical software SkyExplorer by RSA Cosmos, the 150-seat, 18-meter (59-foot) planetarium offers the highest resolution uncompressed picture playback available and real time space navigation capabilities.

The projection system is comprised of 6 state-of-the-art DLP projector systems by Barco. The whole experience is also enhanched by a 6-channel dolby surround sound system.