NOESIS Science Center and Museum of Technology is a cultural, educational, public benefit Institution that offers the student community, but also the general public a suitable environment for getting to know and understanding the positive sciences and informing them about technological developments.

Its founder was the Technical Museum of Thessaloniki, which began its course in 1978 and then, in 2001, developed into NOESIS. It reports to the General Government and reports to the General Secretariat for Research and Innovation (GGEK).

It is worth mentioning that NOESIS has won two top international honors, from the European Network of Science Centers and Museums (ECSITE) and from the world’s most important Association of Science and Technology Centers (ASTC Association of Science) ) for the refugee reception program that has been in force since September 2016.

At the same time, the body holds a major role in collective bodies of its field of activity, as it has twice been elected a member of the Board. of ECSITE, as well as the largest international Association of Technology Centers and Museums CIMUSET – ICOM (International Committee for Museums and Collections of Science and Technology).

At NOESIS visitors can watch screenings:
a. In the digital Planetarium, 160 seats.
b. In the Wide Screen Cinema (Cosmotheatre), 300 seats, with projection of two and three (3D) films.
c. In the Virtual Reality Simulator, 18 positions, with projection of two and three (3D) movies.

They can also visit the Technology Museum which includes 3 permanent exhibitions:
a. Ancient Greek Technology, unique in its kind, covering from prehistoric times to the Hellenistic and Byzantine times.
b. Technopark, with interactive exhibits, where the visitor has the opportunity to discover and understand scientific knowledge in an interactive and fun way.
c. The Car Showroom, with typical samples of the history of the car.


Amphitheater, 200 seats, for conferences, corporate presentations, events, etc.
Periodical Exhibition Hall, a specially designed space that occasionally hosts exhibitions from other Museums and cultural institutions in Greece and abroad.
Library with relevant bibliography and computer island (internet with 1Gb).
Digital Producers Laboratory, for the creation of internal multimedia producers.

At NOESIS are organized during the year:

Educational Programs, such as “Science in the kitchen”, “It is in our DNA: breeding dragons”, “Drones I: fantastic missions” etc.
“Explora”, a five-day summer creative activity program with a variety of scientific topics that affect daily life and are presented with an entertaining approach.
Children’s parties that include magic experiments, games in the Museum of Technology, screenings and creative activities.
Meetings and discussions with representatives of the scientific community and in collaboration with other bodies, such as the French Institute, the British Council, etc.
At least two large events per year with free admission for the public and attendance of more than 5,000 people.

Also, on its premises there is a cafe-restaurant, with excellent views of the city, canteen, as well as shops selling educational toys, special editions and souvenirs.