Science in School

Επιστήμη στο σχολείο‘Science in School’ is a European journal to promote inspiring science teaching. It covers not only biology, physics and chemistry, but also maths and earth sciences, highlighting the best in teaching and cutting-edge research, and focusing on interdisciplinary work. The contents include teaching materials, recent discoveries in science, education projects,
interviews with young scientists and inspiring teachers, book reviews, and European events for teachers.

‘Science in School’ is freely available. Online articles are published in many European languages and a print version is distributed in English. Originally supported by the European Commission, the journal is published and fully funded by EIROforum, a collaboration of Europe’s seven largest
intergovernmental research organisations.

School teachers are invited to help by:
Submitting articles for publication
Joining the referee panel and helping to decide which articles to publish
Translating articles into their own language.

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