The Mayor of Pylaia – Chortiatis at NOESIS

The Mayor of Pylaia-Chortiatis, Ignatios Kaitezidis, visited NOESIS and met with the new President, Stella Bezergianni and the General Manager of the organization, Thanasis Kontonikolaou.

kaitezidis-1The Mayor toured the Museum of Technology and discussed joint actions in areas that concern the institution, as well as the cooperation with the Municipality.

kaitezidis-2Mr. Kaitezidis offered to NOESIS the collector’s edition of the Region and the first historical album of the Municipality entitled “Panorama, Pylaia, Chortiatis, Asvestochori, Exohi, Fylyros”, bought gifts and scientific toys from the NOESIS store and registered as a Member, showing in practice that the support to the organization is timeless and continuous.


Published: January 13, 2023