The “Technopark” hands-on area

The Technopark of the NOESIS Science Centre and Technology Museum is located in Thessaloniki, (Greece).

The Technopark is a place of interaction.

Visitors participate actively, playing the leading roles and learning while having fun. In the words of Frank Oppenheimer, the man who inspired the creation of such exhibitions:
The first thing I try to do as a teacher is to get my students to see that the understanding of scientific principles and phenomena is satisfying and fun. If, by giving this incentive, I can succeed in making my students want to understand many more things, that is, to become curious, then perhaps the course I am teaching will have the effect of enriching their whole lives.

The history of the Technopark and its interactive exhibits goes back to 1991 and the Technology Museum of Thessaloniki?s first steps. Since then the exhibitions have become a permanent part of the Museum?s offerings (activities). The public?s response to the interactive exhibits in the Museum, over the course of these years, has been enthusiastic.

In an expanse of 450 square meters, the Technopark includes 40 exhibits having to do with a variety of scientific fields such as electricity, magnetism, optics and mechanics.

The interactive exhibits:
– activate the desire for knowledge,
– encourage involvement with technology,
– initiate visitors into the logic and methods of scientific thought, and
– literally turn the understanding of basic scientific laws and phenomena into a game.

Technopark – “Play with technology. Understand science” There, where knowledge and play come together