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A New Journey-NOESIS Official Soundrack

A New Journey

NOESIS begins a new effort to enter into new collaborations with musical artistic and creative forces of the city and to offer education and entertainment in the unique way that music can speak and touch our hearts and minds.

The enormous and global power of music to convey messages, to move, to produce emotions and experiences, to cause revolutions and to reproduce and evolve at a rapid and spectacular pace is an impressive phenomenon.

Over time, each new generation speaks its own language and creates new musical trends and directions, influenced by new technology, everyday life, problems and issues that concern it and find a way out in song and the art of music.

Undoubtedly music is the greatest creation of human spiritual and mental intelligence and human creation.

With the rapid penetration of digital media and the internet, image and music videos have launched music into new fields and fields of Art and digital technology.

The musical instruments, the audiovisual spectacle, the recording techniques, the support of the artists by groups of professionals with many different specialties, are a set that transmits the sound accompanied by the power of image and technology.

It really is an industry with all the elements of innovation, originality and experimentation of human thought and empathy.

The beginning of our new journey in the field of Art has begun. The use of music and digital technology to perceive and transmit human values ​​and contemporary concerns, collaborations with the forces of our city, our joy and enthusiasm we hope to find a response and be embraced by all.

We warmly thank George Fokas who was enthusiastic about the idea and embraced the new effort with his composition, his musical knowledge, his talent and the professionalism that distinguishes him as an artist and as a person.

We also thank the other contributors:
Script / Direction / Edit: Nikos Vafeidis
Director of Photography: Synodinos Moschidis
Camera operator: Kostas Poulios
Visual effects / Animation: Red Puzzle
Make up artist: Maria Doumpa
Guitar / Vocals: George Fokas
Drums: Nikos Vafeidis
Bass: Dimitris Yalamas
Keyboards: Diamantis Karagiannakidis
Backing vocals: Hary Doulkas / Dimitra Sideridou
Virus / Mask: Marios Zardavas
Teacher: Hary Doulkas
Tennagers: Iordanis Champidis, Sofia Folia, Orestis Kaloumenos
Recorded & mixed at: Mix Studio Thessaloniki by Fotis Demertzis
Mastering: Apostolos Siopis, Odeon Mastering
Filmed at: Noesis Science center, thessaloniki and Vassiliadis Schools, Thessaloniki
Presented by Noesis Art and George Fokas

We wish the talent, the spirit, the value, the abilities of the contributors to guide them and to illuminate the path of their life with new ideas and “concerns”.

Good listening and good viewing.

Good start and good continuation in the journey.

Watch the following presentation of the song on Vergina TV:



Published: June 23, 2021