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Children save lives! 2nd Student Competition (CPR) at NOESIS

Kids Save Lives Championship 2023

On the occasion of the World Health Day (on April 7th) and the day of the founding of the World Health Organization, hundreds of elementary, secondary and high school students from various cities and schools of the Region of Central Macedonia and not only, next weekend 01-02 April 2023, will flood NOESIS, in order to participate in the largest “CELEBRATION OF LIFE”, in the 2nd Panhellenic Student Competition “KIDS SAVE LIVES CHAMPIONSHIP 2023”, in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) skills, which is a global originality.

“KIDS SAVE LIVES CHAMPIONSHIP 2023” is the result of many years of training of students – of all levels – in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation of victims of cardiac arrest, which is organized and implemented by the Humanitarian Civil Society Organization “KIDS SAVE LIVES – CHILDREN SAVE LIVES”, with the approval of the Regional Directorate of Education of Central Macedonia and with the voluntary participation of more than 100 certified trainers!

The participation of students in the competition is free of charge.

Details of the competition
The competition is addressed to students of grades E and F of Primary School, as well as Gymnasium and Lyceum. It is open to schools of General Education, Vocational Education, Music Gymnasiums – Lyceums, Artistic Gymnasiums – Lyceums, Sports and Ecclesiastical Schools.

The “KIDS SAVE LIVES CHAMPIONSHIP 2023” competition will be held at NOESIS as follows:
– For Lyceums 01 April 2023 and starting time 10:00
– For Gymnasiums 01 April 2023 and starting time 15:00
– For Primary Schools 02 April 2023 and starting time 10:00

For more information and for the detailed program of the competition click here.

Published: March 30, 2023