Cooperation between museum, university and school: educational proposal for the use of a temporary exhibition of NOESIS

The result of the collaboration between a museum, a university, and a school: an educational proposal for the utilization of a temporary exhibition at NOESIS.

On April 25, a class from the Third Gymnasium of Anatolia College visited NOESIS and the students participated in the pilot implementation of an activity, designed and developed by 4 students from the Department of Physics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, as part of their internship at NOESIS. This is an educational proposal for the utilization of NOESIS’ temporary exhibition Connected.

The proposal follows the philosophy of escape rooms and involves students in a process of searching for data and answers to questions that draw from the content of the exhibition. This approach is an option in designing educational activities in non-formal education environments, which seeks to stimulate students’ interest and motivation to learn through collaboration and the cultivation of skills such as observation, exploration and problem solving.

The involvement of the students, their activity and at the same time the cooperation between them was evident throughout the application. A common conclusion expressed by all those who created the conditions for the whole project to take place, namely those responsible for practical training at NOESIS and the Department of Physics, as well as by the teachers, who accompanied the students, was that it was completely successful and indicative of the results that can arise through the cooperation of a museum, a university and a school.

Published: April 27, 2023