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Digital literacy in old age – report January 2023

Grandma, grandpa hit enter!

Digital Literacy for people 65+
Even more courses on web applications are requested by those who participated in the program of the Region of Central Macedonia and NOESIS

A very successful initiative of NOESIS that was “embraced” and supported by the Region of Central Macedonia, completed its first cycle.

It all started at the “end” of the coronavirus pandemic and with the main motivation being the literacy and activation of as many of our fellow citizens as possible in the large online community, through which millions of transactions are now made daily with public bodies, companies, educated, communicate and entertain billions of people of all ages around the planet.

The need for the inclusion of every citizen in the global digital community is imperative and the period of the pandemic and especially the quarantine highlighted it in an urgent way.

NOESIS, as an institution that combines the dissemination of scientific knowledge, technology, education, culture and entertainment, in collaboration with the Independent Directorate of Innovation Support, created the program Digital Literacy in the Third Age. In the framework of the implementation of the program, he held a total of 40 seminars, while he also participated in the exhibition Beyond 4.0, in the actions of e-perifereia for an easy everyday life.

Navigating the Digital Portal and its applications
The courses/seminars were developed in such a way that even users unfamiliar with computers and the internet can browse the e-gov portal to issue a solemn declaration, an authorization, activate the possibility of intangible prescription, issue a municipal registry certificate or civil status documents. The possibility of videoconferencing with a representative of the KEP (My KEPLive) was also presented, in order to make the use of electronic procedures even more accessible.

The “students” of the small groups could use the computers of NOESIS or tablets, while in the lessons that took place in municipalities there was a similar provision.

40 courses in NOESIS and Municipalities
During the two years that the action lasted, a total of 40 seminars were held, which were attended by more than 380 people.

Fifteen of them took place in the library room of NOESIS, in a specially designed room with the use of computers provided to the participants for their education.

Participants in the classes that took place at NOESIS had the opportunity to visit and tour the permanent exhibitions, while they were offered refreshments and snacks.

In the context of the digital literacy action, twenty more courses were held in collaboration with municipalities of the Regional Unit of Thessaloniki, but also in central spaces, such as the Alexandria Innovation Zone.

Also, in order to emphasize an important goal of Digital Literacy, bridging the digital gap between ages, five lessons were held with the participation of members of different ages of the same family. For example, a grandmother could attend class with her granddaughter, or an uncle with his nephews. The goal of this initiative was to bring together the different ages to understand the needs, shortcomings, problems, desires, that arise in every period of our lives.

More digital literacy!
According to the conclusions that emerged during the program, a large part of the trainees had very little to no contact with digital technologies and the use of digital media (use of smartphones, tablets). However, their willingness to be informed and educated in new technologies was very great, mainly, as they said, “so that they can communicate with their children and grandchildren, but also not to suffer by switching to public services”.

From the questionnaires completed by the participants, it appears that they really enjoyed the courses and that they found the program, its structure and organization, as well as the instructor excellent.

The vast majority of them even ask for “more education and digital literacy” as, as they explain, the program needs to be expanded and expanded with even more hours on topics such as e-commerce, transactions, the use of tablets and mobiles.

As the Regional Governor of Central Macedonia, Apostolos Tzitzikostas, has stated during a press conference given at the beginning of the program, “the care and care of the Region for the people of the Third Age are integral elements of its moral and political commitment, that it will not leave any citizen alone, no one behind”.

NOESIS, for its part, with the completion of the first phase of this successful program and believing in its timeless value, hopes and aims to continue it, so that even more adults over the age of 65 have the opportunity to benefit, maximizing its impact.

Published: January 18, 2023